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Story Behind The Making of RAFI TRADERS LIMITED

RAFI TRADERS LIMITED is a first class government contractor and supplier which was established in 2019. Just over a few years ago, we became fascinated by the idea of discovering our country through the eyes of millions in Bangladesh.

At RTL, we all come to work 24/7 because we take our responsibilities sternly. We feel the urge to complete our work earlier than the deadline provided for the best of our country.

Leaded by the best management and employees that’s empowered, diverse and inclusive under a roof, every single day comes with new opportunities for RTL. At RTL, our purpose is simple: to live and deliver now.


GABTOLI INTER-DISTRICT BUS TERMINAL which is one of the most accessed and underdeveloped station in Bangladesh came as a challenge to us for modernization. With 41 detailed plans to modernize the whole terminal, it will be the most attractive and passenger friendly bus terminal Bangladesh will ever encounter. As a developing country we also dream to make our country proud through our work and make it worthy in front of the world.

Our support towards the government comes in various forms. We assisted BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunication Limited) by replacing damaged network cables resulting in smooth and uninterrupted telecommunication service.

We also make sure that our border guards get the best by providing them the most suitable camps.

We are always ready to overcome new challenges that will help us make Bangladesh a better place for us and the generations ahead.